My Mission

On Musicbaum you will read about love for music, cinema and fashion. Each element has a common background: Music.
Thre isn’t any professional figure or person who consider himself enough know-it-all behind this blog.
Musicbaum’s philosophy is “You will never stop to learn”.

Like a tree, (Baum in german), which can’t grow up without three elements: water, air and sun… Musicbaum says you can’t grow up without passions. And everyday it grows up with each one of three elements (water as cinema, air as music, sun as fashion).

At the beginning it was about the club life today, especially about Berlin area, which I’ve considered it one of the most inspiring places in living and discovering music. Then I’ve enlarged my mind exploring the world of soundtracks (movies) and now, the world of fashion as well.

Every post in Musicbaum has music as background, consider that.

Some passions are not easy to explain through the use of words because they can make you feel new feelings, they can touch your heart and bring you in a special world not always easy to reach.

Musicbaum will do its best to bring you in this special world.

Welcome on board.

Before to start reading turn on your headphone please.

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